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Inclusion & diversity

Our facility in Malmköping (Sweden) exclusively produces and bottles for companies belonging to the Love Spirit Brands group.

Love Spirit Brands is an international spirits and wines group, with headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden). The Group’s core product ethos is to offer spirits in the super-premium quality category. From a brand-building and corporate social engagement point of view, the Group seeks to pro-actively promote genuine socio-economic inclusion across all diversities globally.

With a passion for craftmanship and achieving the highest possible standard for the end-product, the quality of the inputs to the process of alcohol distillation, and later blending, is absolutely critical. In the case of Malmköping and our blending and bottling facility there, this is achieved by using only the highest-grade alcohol derived from Swedish winter wheat, where prescribed in our proprietary recipes, this is blended with high-grade flavourings – and perhaps most importantly, tempered with the purest water from a source local to Malmköping.

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