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All started in 1873

Malmköping’s recorded history in the context of spirits began in 1873 with the arrival of Albert Leonard Andersson, who founded Malmköpings Spritbolag and became the town’s wine and spirits retailer, and spirits have since remained an important craft and trade presence in the town.

With water quality being such a critical component in the production of high-quality spirits products, Malmköping is ideally placed with its spring of water coming from Bergslagen in central Sweden and filtered through a rolling stone ridge (a “rullstensås”).

To achieve the extraordinary smoothness of our products blended and bottled in Malmköping, we use alcohol derived from Swedish winter wheat. Swedish winter wheat is typically planted in September and having started its germination, this process is slowed down by the onset of Sweden’s typically cold winters. Germination then recommences in earnest in the spring and the resulting golden wheat is typically harvested in August. This results in an extended maturation (as compared to other wheats) due to the Swedish summer’s long days and short nights. Once distilled to achieve the highest-grade pure (no impurities) and smooth concentrated alcohol, this is blended with the mineral rich water from Malmköping, where we have our own well.

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